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By the time, History teaches the individual, and then he realizes it; the history repeats itself in this process. The power is brute; it cripples the rational faculty and thus inhibits the sense of prevention. The intervention of USA in Iraq in the name of Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) is the replica of the intervention of Hitler in Czechoslovakia in the name of nationalism and ethnicity. Both of them tried to be saviour of the mankind; both of them violated the basics of humanity; and the rest of world witnessed, condemned and did nothing. When Germany did it during the Second World War, Britain, US and Russia appeased it. A few years back, when the USA did it -Russia, China, France and Germany did the same. The policy of appeasement will ruin peace in this unipolar world. Russia is crippled by her domestic compulsions and China is compelled by market exigencies. The emergence of unipolar world will jeopardize the future prospects of growth. USA cannot intervene in Sudan where it is needed but can intervene in Somalia where it is not needed.

The policy of appeasement is not new. It does take place even in the normal day-to-day life. When some anti-social elements misbehave with a female, we don't intervene because we have no relations with her. We tacitly accept the acts of the anti-social and escape smoothly from our responsibility. This boosts the anti-social elements and so they continue to commit these gruesome acts time and again. We can't anticipate them until they come to us. By that time, nothing is left and in this process, things invariably tend to repeat itself. Therefore, the policy of appeasement is a direct repercussion of the absence of the sense of anticipation. The same thing happened in Munich in 1938 and the same thing had happened in Baghdad in 2003. That time League of Nations had failed; this time the United Nations outrightly failed.