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Do Mont Blanc and Mahatma

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A Bench comprising Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan and Justices AK Ganguly and BS Chauhan had some reservations in entertaining the PIL filed by Harsh Vardhan Surna and Sandeep Singh, it issued notices to the Centre and Mont Blanc Boutique after they pointed out that use of Mahatma Gandhi’s pictures was in violation of Emblem Act. However, the Bench declined to issue notice to Mahatma Gandhi Foundation. The petitioners had alleged that Tushar Gandhi, the greatgrandson of the Father of the Nation, had accepted a cheque of Rs 70-75 lakh to lend the name of the organisation to the foreign pen brand. Associating Mahatma Gandhi’s name with the expensive pen rebelled against the values and ideals in which the Father of the Nation believed in and fought for throughout his life, the petitioners said.