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Preface to 4th edition

The new edition has not only updated the diplomatic activities of the recent past but also emphasised more on other bilateral and trilateral relations.

In fact, foreign policy has become more vibrant and sensitive to the global changes and trends of new economic order. Indian foreign policy has demonstrated dynamism in responding to the shifting interna- tional strategic and political environment, and addressing the global challenges of terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, energy security, threats to space and cyber security, maritime security, reform of international organizations and global financial architecture, and environmental degradation, etc.


Indian diplomacy has able to strike a good equilibrium between competi- tion and cooperation with the new emerging economies of the world. The political equations are now separated from economic exigencies. India has managed to exhibit highest level of diplomatic adroitness to ensure its presence at the global platforms like United Nations, G20, NAM, G15, BRICS, RIC, IBSA, CHOGM, IMF, IBRD, etc. At the same time India has unleashed its economic alliances through signing of various FTAs,

CECAs, CEPAs mainly manifested through ASEAN-FTA, SAPTA. India has also successfully tackled the issues of subsidies and protectionism at the WTO.

The Chinese aggressive policy of 'string of pearls' has been aptly chal- lenged by India through establishing strategic relations with leading powers of the world, neighbours, and South China Sea projects. The policy of Look East, Look West and Look Africa has considerably diversi- fied the traditional foreign policy. At present, India is facing challenges

over balancing Iranian oil for energy security and US pressure in the name of nuclear disarmament. India is trying to get the membership of SCO.

The 4th edition has encompassed and incorporated complete analytical coverage of all the possible dimensions of Indian foreign policy at every level of interaction.