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India Water Forum 2011

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The “India Water Forum” (IWF) 2011 was recently organized by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in consonance with the Ministry of Water Resources and the Department of Drinking Water Supply in New Delhi. The forum gave a clarion call to bring water into the global and national agenda in order to meet the challenges of water security posed by the threat of climate change. Water management systems have traditionally reflected existing socio-economic structures and governance mechanisms. The key challenges to water management today stem from changing demographics, shifting geo-politics, wide-spread poverty and under-development, climate

change phenomenon and shifting weather patterns, and the elements of globalization. All these issues make it mandatory that effective governance and responsive policies are crafted to define the course of sustainable water management. The India Water forum 2011 addressed the dynamics of water and climate change, and deliberated on significant issues specific to water security, means to resolve the same by investment in natural infrastructure, monitoring efficient usage, water treatment and leveraging eco-friendly technology for water usage that will help in ensuring sustainable development. But, more importantly it emphasized on the fact that water security is not a subject for the future – it is here with us today.


About TERI: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) was established in 1974. It is a dynamic and flexible organization, activities in TERI ranges from microbiology to global climate change, from smoke-filled rural kitchens to plush corporate boardrooms. The organization works on formulating local and national level strategies to suggesting global solutions to critical energy and environment-related issues. Headed by world-renowned economist Dr R K Pachauri also the head of the Nobel Prize winning UN Climate panel, TERI is best described as an independent, not-for-profit research institute focused on energy, environment, and sustainable development and devoted to efficient and sustainable use of natural resources. TERI is headquartered in New Delhi.