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INS Krishna

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After serving the seas for 44 years — first as the Royal Navy’s HMS Andromeda from 1968 to November 1994 and in its current avatar as one of Indian Navy’s First Training Squadron Ships, INS Krishna (F-46), from August 1995 — has retired. The last broad beam Leader-class frigate was built by the Portsmouth Dockyard, Andromeda (the eighth bearing pennant number F 57). The frigate had weathered many storms in the ‘Beira Patrol,’ a blockade in the Mozambique channel to prevent oil reaching Rhodesia (Zimbabwe); the last two ‘Cod wars’ with Iceland over fishing rights when the frigate suffered damage resulting from collisions; the Falklands action when it was deployed on escort duty; and the ‘Armilla Patrol’ in the Gulf for escort of oil tankers.