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Unplanned Growth Is Worse Than Under Development. In Fact, Lop-Sided Growth Is Basically moribund And Retrogressive In Nature With A Tinge Of Malignancy. The Latest Summit At Copenhagen Failed To Clarify The Choice Between Long-Term Benefit (Better Climate) And Short-Term Costs (Lower Consumption Levels). In Other Words, At Copenhagen, The Legally Binding Cuts Provisions Were Not Endorsed And Now Everything Still Depends Upon The Voluntary Cuts In Emission Still Depends Upon The Voluntary Cuts In Emissions. To Me, A Voluntary Act Is More Governed By Rational Thinking And Perception Of Life Than Mere Practical Compulsions And Considerations. A Voluntary Act Reflects The Epitome Of Entire Character Building. If Today, Such A Perception Is Not Developed Then Tommorrow The Chances Will Be More Remote.It Is Sense Of Realization That Bridges The Gap Between Voluntary Act And Compulsory Act. The Compulsory Act Is Bound To Be Done Irrespective Of Likings And Dislikings Whereas A Voluntary Act Is Basically A Sense Of Prevention And Completely Guided By Clairvoyance And Sacrificing Temperament. A Compulsory Act Is Driven By Pragmatic Exigencies But A Voluntary Act Is Directed By A Sheer Sense Of Anticipation And Human Sensory Visions. I Am Stressing On These Issues Only Because The N See Them In Coming Times